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Greetings: just thought you might like to see what I did for a friend for Christmas. I finally got past the knit 1, purl 1 stage. May you all have a wonderful holiday and good knitting in the New Year. Joe and Quinton - I am actually traveling back to your area in June and hope we can get together for some coffee and knitting. John

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I like it! Beautiful color.
Hope they enjoy it.
Have a wonderful holiday.

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Very well done. The feather and fan lace is a fun one to make. My wife likes hers because it's warm but not smothering.

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Love it. Someone is special.

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Have a wonderful Christmas, John!

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Beautiful work - very elegant. Happy Christmas to you.

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So very nice. I'm a coward and haven't tried lace yet. This scarf is beautiful workmanship. Well done. I like the color too.

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Terry: any person who can make the beautiful socks that you showed us about a month ago can do this! It is perhaps the most simple of lace patterns which is why I chose it as my first project in that genre. So give it a try. It is fun and goes very quickly.

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Thanks guys, I have to say it was fun to do. However, tinking back on this pattern (or any lace pattern I imagine) was/is not such a great experience. But it did come out nice and for once there are no mistakes in the finished product. Well, except where I had to weave in the ends - kinda hard with this yarn and pattern, which was Silky Wool Designer's Choice.

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Just a great piece of knitting, John. Feather and Fan is one of my favorite ripple patterns, even though I've not been working on anything featuring it for a while. [Hmmm...that prayer shawl should get resurrected - it's been idle for several months.]

That's great that you are going to be here in June. I hope we can meet up for some knitting time and a mug/glass of tea [in my case]. Providing there aren't any conflicts with the Knitting Retreat and/or my Family Reunion.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful scarf.........Happy Christmas.


I really like the colours you chose as well very nice i also love to knit lace

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Woot! Great work!

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Wonderful work John! And I hope to see you this summer. Who knows, we might still be here.

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Beautiful scarf, I have always like that pattern.

And Terry you have already knit lace. Every time we drop a stitch or do an unintentional yarn-over it is the beginning of a lace project.