rainbow loom

Here's an article I ran across that some of you might find interesting. Apparently lots of grammar school children of a certain age are almost knitting. According to this article it's the biggest kids' fad of the year. I wonder how these kids would react to a teacher who could actually knit these things. For your consideration:


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I tried going there, got a 404 error message.

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The URL is long and goes off the line; did you get the whole thing?

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Got it.

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I googled "rainbow loom is the biggest tween" [that's as much as I could make out] and I got this with the overlapping texts:


Hmm, it seems that this post is having the same problem. Just google what I did, complete with the quotation marks, and you should find something.

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Try this, men.


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Thanks for that, Mark. Have you seen any kids doing this?

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No, I haven't, Tom. My students are all middle school age. The girls (12 & 13) are too cool to do it and the boys are too into soccer.

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Funny you should post this. I've been seeing them around and have thought gee that looks kind of fun and interesting. Then I think, wait I'm no longer a 12 yo girl...well...i never was a 12 yo girl, but you know. What am I going to do with a bunch of rubber bracelets? Oh, what the hey, I'll probably get one after Christmas just to play with it anyway, and maybe I can find some kids to give them to. Now that I'm thinking about it, if they were only black rubber bracelets with maybe a little red, or blue or white accent color...hmmmmm what's that sucking noise. HELP I'm getting sucked in.....

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A niece made me one that I've had around the gear shift in my car for months (can't quite bring myself to wear it). I've seen them in California and Connecticut, if that's any indication of how wide-spread the fad is. They kind of go hand in hand with making things out of wildly colored duct tape. Hooray for crafty kids.