Amazing what people will knit


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Wow. That's gross. But it's very elegantly gross.

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Supports my theory, knitting is only limited by imagination.

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Interesting...but I liked the photos of guys and cute cats in similar poses better.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I love it. Won't knit it, but I love it. Well, maybe I'll knit just a stomach, in the form of a bag. With an intestine for a strap. And a duodenum, to keep things from falling out.

Or not.

Actually I really do want to knit two bizarre things: 1) a bloodsucker from the film "Funky Forest," and a Funk (look up "The Legend of Old Gregg" on Youtube). I'll have to have a lot of time on my hands though, to knit at least 25 purple tits. :D

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I just watched a video about the Funk. Go for it. Here's someone who got started on the tits for you!


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LOL That's all I can do!