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I’m starting my first double-knit lace project. The pattern is by a young New York City lad by the ravetar of Aptenoknits. It’s available free on Ravelry until March. I’d never considered lace before, having gotten trapped in a double-knitting energy vortex years ago in my reckless knitting youth. Trapped in the vortex as I am, lace always seemed inaccessible and remote. But since this pattern is double-knit lace it has slipped through the vortex interface and lace is now suddenly available to me. Which means that I have to master ssk’s and ssp’s. I didn’t know either of them so I went to YouTube and ssk was pretty straightforward and all the videos were in agreement on how to do it. Then I checked out ssp and all the videos are NOT in agreement on how to do it. They all agree that the two purl stitches should be slipped knit-wise but VeryPinkKnits and Chaunavit (Portuguese knitting) say to purl through the front loop and IKnitWithCatFur and SocialKnitGirl say to purl through the back loop. Which is correct? Slipping the stitches knit-wise already twists them, right? So if you’re going to purl through the back loop wouldn’t that just twist them again and cancel the effect of the first twist? What say the lacemeisters? (Please tell me that the front loop will be just fine.)


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That sounds right.
I do a similar move when making a left increase. Picking up the loop below with the left needle(LN), entering from behind, gives a twisted stitch on the LN (left leg forward) Then knit in the back to "straighten the stitch.

Hope this helps

Slip Slip Purl, is covered in Craftsy's "Adventures in Double Knitting"

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Just checked my class notes:

SSP (slip 2 knitwise, pass both to Left Needle, P2tog-tbl)

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Thanks so much, Stephen. I appreciate it.

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Happy to help.
Having also been bitten by the Double Knit bug as well, I am intrigued by double knit lace. The closest pattern I have found is a dual layer hat, (lace over stocking net). Each layer was worked separately.

Please keep us updated.

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It's going to be a lovely journey!