guston henley completed

just in time for christmas
schulana donegal tweed

some alterations on the pattern section, changed the purl to seed stitch and lowered the pattern section to match the arm pattern and fall below instead of right on the nipples

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CLABBERS's picture

That is a beautiful sweater! Who is the lucky recipient? If you need my address, just let me know. LOL Great color and I like the adjustments you made. Well done, sir!


ronhuber's picture

Beautiful sweater.

JE-DC's picture

Nicely done! Love the yarn.

JRob's picture

Nicely done.

Thunderhorse54's picture

I really like this sweater! Is it something you've designed? Or a purchased pattern. I'd love to make one for myself, but I'm no designer by any means. That yarn is gorgeous! Terry

Nehkhasi's picture

This Sweater made me smile! I love when that happens!


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

That knit up so well. I like the change you made so the pattern in the yoke extended further down.

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