Paton's Decor Warm Thoughts Throw

Does anyone have the pattern for the Warm Thoughts Throw? I used to have the pattern. Problem is I'm only half way done with the blanket. Google doesn't help. Nor does Ravelry.


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I know, but in looking for the pattern, that link takes you to a dead end on the Patons yarn website that says "This content can't be found."

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I sent an email to Patons about it, so I will let you know what I learn when they reply. It's quite a lovely pattern.


FOUND IT! It was out in the van. Oh brother. Time to type it into a word document I guess, print off a couple of copies, and save it on the computer for future losses.

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Or just scan it into a PDF? If it's a decently written pattern that is what I typically do with it rather than trust this dyslexic to transcribe it.