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Beautiful stitching, Calvin! I really like the color as well. Do you knit from toe-up or toe-down. I like the heels and the sharp "line" of stitching in the gusset. What pattern do you use?

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Thank you, Mark. I knit my socks toe-up. The pattern is called "David's Toe-Up Sock Cookbook" and can be found as a free pattern on Ravelry. This is my favorite sock pattern because it's based on your gauge swatch and and only two measurements from your foot. Give it a try.

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Thanks! I just downloaded the pattern and see that my toe-up work is different than his, which may be the cause of some parts that are not as nicely put together as yours. I have been using Liat Gat's pattern and find the increase edges sloppy compared to yours. The reason I chose Liat's pattern is because I am not a happy camper when it comes to wrap and turns. She does short rows but the wrap and turn are done in such a way that it's easy to spot. Again, her heel is not one that I like as much as the one in your pattern. Yea! Something to study and something more to learn!



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Looking good. I've only knit one pair of toe ups and struggled a bit. I'll keep your pattern in mind for a future project.

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Thanks, Joe. Please do keep the pattern in mind. I struggled for a few years in finding a standard pattern that would fit my feet. I have small feet and standard ones just didn't cut it. Thanks to this one, they're custom and fit very nicely.

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Nice, I'd wear those! :) I'm actually working on a pair for a friend in a similar colorway though more hot color-limited. I find myself going more and more for toe-ups when I have the foot available, because you can fit it as you go. If all I have is a shoe size (since socks I gift tend to get sent long distances), then I go with top-down. I don't know if anyone really notices the difference but it certainly is nice to hear someone say "they fit perfectly!" :)

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Thank you, Bob. Top-down never really worked out for me. Once I got the feel for Judy's Magic Cast-On and found the sock pattern that I referenced, there was no looking back for me. Enjoy your evening in Istanbul.

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Definitely a good looking sock and the color is like "POW"! Definitely up my alley!


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Thank you, Nehkhasi. I appreciate that.

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Beautiful stitchery and great colorway.

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Thank you, Tom.