Snowed In Marathon Sweater

Last Friday I was snowed in, so I went "stash diving" and found this Knit Picks "Wool of the Andes" and started a top down raglan. The colors are "grizzly heather" and "opal heather"....warm and and sky.
Four days in was frigid cold outside and inside a warm sweater grew!

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Oliver gave his approval to the new sweater !

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Nice sweater Eric, and you are such a fast knitter. I'm knitting a top-down raglan sweater for myself, the third attempt since early December, the others were ripped out due to size issues.

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Great knitting and I love the photo of Oliver giving his approval.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Amazing workmanship! I am in the middle of a raglan sweater as well and thoroughly enjoy making them. I see you cat Oliver likes your work as much as my cat Henry. The just intuitively know where we would really rather not have their fur. Oh well, what's a bit more animal hair in a sweater? Again, beautiful sweater and great execution.


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Wow, Sock it to me! You are KILLING it! LOL Wish I could knit this quickly! Beautiful sweater and you kitty is so cute sitting square in the middle of your work the way our kitties always LOVE to do!


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Wow, that is some quick knitting! The sweater looks great. nice color choices and design!

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That's some fast knitting. Hope you weren't using bamboo needles; rubbing sticks that fast would cause them to catch fire. Beauriful work.

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Very nice sweater, Eric. I love the colorwork.

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Wow that is beautiful! Was the fair isle from a pattern or did you design it yourself? My husband wants a sweater and that is close to what he described to me...

Paul: I designed the pattern as I worked. This is fairly easy in a top-down raglan. I made the first design pattern, then the second one, and then decided to repeat the first a nice symetry was formed.
The repeats were only four stitches and there were always an odd number of stitches between raglan markers...this kept the patterning easy while doing the raglan increases.