A hat, socks and cold weather

Hi. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I've been knitting more lately since this Minnesota weather turned brutally and bitterly cold. The weather inspired me to take up my needles and finish a hat. Yesterday I cast off the top of this striped black and dark grey stocking hat. When knitting the stripes, I used a "jog-less" technique of knitting into the stitch below when at the start of the second round of the new color. I was pleasantly surprised by the results...I'm also slowly working on sock number 2 of a pair, knit with Opal yarn. The colors remind me of warmer weather. I say slowly because I'm doing these with number 1 needles. One of these days I will finish these...Happy New Year to all who read this. Until later...

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Good looking hat and sock. I can see those sock looking wonderful peeking from beneath a pair of jeans!


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Lovely work. I always admire useful knitting.

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Very nice knitting. The colors on both projects look quite good and the pair of socks promise to be stunning when completed.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice work, Cullen. Love them both!

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Thanks guys for the compliments. I appreciate it...Sock knitting can be so enjoyable when you are on the second sock of a pair and it's just a matter of repeating the stitches done in the first sock....Happy knitting to all. Stay warm...Cullen