Perfect Lace?

Does perfect lace exist? I finally found the nerve, purchased a really fine mohair/silk blend yarn, and cast on to knit a simple pattern of diagonal 'holes' across a narrow scarf.

I'm doing well overall, but there have been problems, which I've been able to 'fix' by picking up yarn for missed yarn overs, by adding stitches when necessary, or decreasing when I mysteriously had too many stitches.

Even though the fixed spots stand out like a sore thumb to me, overall the lacey effect is pleasing, and the piece does look very nice.

I am trying my best, but errors to happen. Should I set lace aside forever, men? Or continue to fix as necessary, and just enjoy the knitting? Does it ever get easier to follow those patterns?

Does perfect lace exist?

Thanks for any input!



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Real Men Knit Lace! yes, persevere.

I'm not sure if "perfect" lace exists, the gods know I have never knit any.

Yes it gets easier - in fact eventually you may even get to the point it is relaxing. And it normally makes a very impressive result.

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Hi Gene, I second MMario. I'm new to lace knitting and have made similar mistakes, but I correct my mistake and plug on. I do find that knitting with laceweight, as against cobweb, yarn is easier and more enjoyable, also fewer mistakes.
My partner prefers cobweb wool from Shetland for kniting those intricate Shetland shawls.