Here's another pair that I finished yesterday, then washed and blocked them. The colors remind me of a shirt I had in the mid to late 80's of Alexander Julian.

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Great work! Love the color! Might I ask what yarn this is?

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Thank you very much, Terry. Here you go: - I used the Lollipop colorway.

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Beautiful colors and skillful stitching! You do such amazing work.

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My first thought as the picture was loading was, "mmm, delicious. Those socks look good enough to eat." Whoever dyed the yarn seems to think so too. Nice job. I'm looking forward to the next pair.

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You did it again! Great! Alexander Julian had great colours in his clothing didn't he?


Beautiful socks! I think that I had that shirt...loved it.

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Very nice fraternal twin socks. The colorway is indeed delightful.

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Good stuff! You've become quite the sock fiend. :)