This is a pair of socks that I finished a couple of days ago. Before I started knitting the socks, I was looking at the yarn and couldn’t make up my mind if I really liked it or not. I didn’t buy the yarn, if was given to me. After completing a few inches on the sock, I came to the conclusion that I did like it. I guess it just took seeing how the color combination worked up in the fabric.

One thing I am doing with the current pair I’m working on is putting back in the negative ease into the socks. The last five or so pairs that I’ve knitted, I took out the negative ease. I think it makes a better looking and better fitting sock with the negative ease. Who knows though, at some point I may decide to take it back out. Yes, I know, I can be fickle like that.

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Very good looking socks! You did an excellent job.

The problem with seeing yarn in the ball is that we never know how it will look knitted. Now you did a sock... which is great. But this was knit in the round. It would not look like this if knit flat. It would not look like this if knit in a wider circle, such as a hat. And it would not look like this if knit into a sweater, either flat or in the round. (You will see this most often in sweater knit in the round, and then are knit flat for the yoke -- the patterning goes wonky!) Knit in lace would give it another look entirely. Even needle size will affect how it appears at the end.

Each of these methods introduces it's own rules of patterning, which cannot be totally predicted just by looking at the ball of yarn, or by doing a small 4x4 swatch knit flat. You really need to get it started, actual size, before you will know.

But isn't that all part of the fun?! Sure it is.

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That's a beautiful combination of colours!
GREAT socks!!!

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Why, thank you, Bill.

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That turned into a very nice pair of socks. Great job.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks, Joe.

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Wow, another awesome pair! It's amazing how they came out identical. Really good looking. You're a bit of a sock maestro.

What is "negative ease" and what does it do to a sock? How do you put it in and/or take it out? I'm new to the sock business and I'm always looking for ways to improve my sock-making.

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Thank you, Tom. You know, this was the first time that I intentionally tried to get the strips to match up on each sock. I'm off a tad, but not too much. The pair I'm working on now, I'm trying to match up.

Negative ease makes a sock more snug fitting than if you knit them and leave it out. The pattern that I use gives you to option to knit with it in or leave out. It's just a matter of how the calculations work up and what your preference is. I remember speaking with the owner of a local yarn shop here in town and telling her that the cardigan I had knitted didn't quite fit the way I wanted it to. I told her that it was a little to snug for my taste. After verifying that my calculations were correct, she then asked me, did you add in "positive ease?" Basically, she just suggested that in future ones, I add about four inches (two inches on each side?) total. Who knew? I didn't. So, both positive and negative ease has it's benefits. I'm sure there are some on here that can explain this better than I have.

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Thank you, sweetness.

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You are a sock machine!!! Beautiful work as usual. I really like those colors.


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Thank you, Mark. I rather like the colors myself now.

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Thank you, Tallguy. I guess my initial dislike of the yarn was the colors and the combination of colors, but it worked out in the end, though.

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I often feel the same way about color changing yarns in the skein. I've decided that I may have an eye for knitting, I don't have the eye for color. I just don't I will never be an amazing dyer because I can't "see" the end product well myself.

As for the socks, they did turn out wonderful. I'm glad that you are happy with them as well. I too put negative ease in all my socks. For me it is a fit preference. I even hate floppy store bought socks.

Great job. Don't get to caught up in the stripe matching and lose your joy of knitting them. They are wonderful regardless.

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Thank you, Quinton. About your comment on stripe matching and losing the joy of the actual knitting, point well taken.

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Very Cool Striping!