Second Old Forge

This is the second Old Forge that I make, and it is as much fun as the first one. It is a great pattern and blocks easy. It is about 64 inches blocked.

Anders Old Forge (7)

That shows you WE CAN DO IT!

Anders Old Forge (2a)


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That's a great bit of knitting, Andy. And I love the take on Rosie the Riveter, too. Hope you had a great Holiday season.

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We can do it you know! This is actually a great knit project. I am amazed at how fast it can go and I love the end product.

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I am in awe sir! It's gorgeous. And the arm's looking good too with the tat and all.

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Awesome job, Andy! Beautiful work.

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Stunning work Andy! I have always admired your work. You really inspire me. I hope to meet you someday at one of the retreats.


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That's beautiful, Andy and you're right, sistah's are doing it for themselves, lol!!

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I don't know if I would be confident enough to attempt such a project. That's why I admire your work so much. I still haven't tried the Brethren Sock, even though I have the needles and yarn. You ARE an inspiration.

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Is the colourwork part of the original pattern or is it your own addition? I think it adds greatly to the pattern if the latter.

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The colour work is part of the original pattern and very smartly done.

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Great Pattern and nice colorwork! It's nice to see you back with the work you bring!


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Great looking project Andy, and I like your choice of colours.