Finally Finished!!!!!

I was never so glad to complete a project!

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That is one damn handsome blanket. Congratulations on completing such an epic project!

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Thanks! At least it was warm while I was working on it. I shouldn't complain I guess.
It'll be a while before another such project comes from my needles.

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Wow, Terry. That's very nice and it looks very warm. Great work.

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Thank you sir, one good thing about a project that big, is that it kept me warm while working on it. Here in the Finger Lakes area of New York, we've had below zero temps. Maybe I shouldn't complain.

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Great work!
You'll enjoy that for a long time!

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Thanks Bill!

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What a beautiful blanket!

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Beautiful work, great color.
Looks like a tight stitch, what gauge is it?

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You did a great job! That is a lot of knitting. I like the pattern a lot. Is it one you wrote or did you get it online somewhere? This type of project is great to do in cold weather. I made one during the summer and into the fall and had to have a fan in addition to our a/c to keep cool. Well done!


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oh Heck - hasn't been THAT cold - VTknitboy been posting some REALLY cold temps...

Blanket/afghan looks GREAT - that pattern looks like any mistakes would stick out like sore thumbs - so it is impressive.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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TERRY: Great work! Is it a gift or for yourself? After what you said previously I am sure you will never purchase that yarn again. Now on to some lace work for you! - John