Stash-busting Hats

At the last knitting guild meeting, one of the ladies brought a couple of hats she knit out of left-over yarns. She even made up a bunch of "kits" for us! She just put together some odd-ball yarns that were left over and there was not much left to make anything out of them. She used 3-4 yarns together, 10 mm needles, so it is a fast knit. You can use any stitch pattern you like, and any colours you like! When one runs out, just add in another.

I made one, which was fun, and with the yarn I had left, I made another. I did use some of my own yarns in them too. She said we are to bring the hats back (for our charities) and to make up a kit for the next person. That is one way to get rid of odd balls of yarn!

I really enjoyed doing these. It went fast -- about one evening each. And they were so much fun to do as well, especially when you mix in various colours. I almost want to keep these for myself! Okay, I have enough yarn that I can make up a couple for myself, and these aren't my colours, but they feel nice.

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What and interesting idea. The hat's turned out great. Did you randomly put the yarns together or did you choose which ones you put together? They look very warm.

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There were about 5 different yarns in the bag, and I just put 3 together at a time, and changed as I went along whenever I felt it was time. I could do that, you know! One ran out with only 3 inches left on the first hat. Then I just used whatever was left over, and added a few strands of some of my stash. I was allowed to do that too!

Amazing thing is that no matter which yarns you use, no matter whether they "go together" or not, they all seem to work somehow. This would be a true beginner knitter project -- just can't go wrong, no matter which yarns or what stitches you use. Simple knitting for when you don't want to think that much. With the thicker yarn and large needles, it is completed very fast. Instant gratification!

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What a great thing to do. I'm going to bring this idea up to my knitting group next week.

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Wonderful idea. Each year I make a hat or two for the local "coats for kids" drive. I will have to try this soon. It might even help me overcome my fear of colors (bright flashy ones).
Thanks for the idea

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What a great idea. Did you use a particular pattern and then variations-on-a-theme-of, or a formula of some sort?