fixing mistakes in lace?

Somewhere, in the last week, I read an article, with great pictures, of how someone dropped stitches and re-knitted row by row using coloured pins for each row.
Does that sound familiar to anyone?
Can't find the article.

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I just looked at the article. Can you say knitting surgery? LOL Wow. Such dedication to fiber art!


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Glad you found it, Bill. It sure sounded interesting to me and I have saved it. What a wonderful technique.

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great article , thanks for sharing it.

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I normally just pull out my double points, and pick up the stitches and knit back up the section dropped after I've identified where I am in my lace repeat, and separate out my rows of yarn. I find using a crochet hook often alters my stitch tension more than just using dpn's of the appropriate size. My record so far is dropping 24 rows to fix a mistake I found on a cabled throw. I think in lace I've only dropped a few rows here and ther to fix a glitch I haven't seen at the time..mind you I say I do this and it sounds calm, though there is nothing calm about it. I typically swear and dogs scurry from the room to find safety elsewhere. But I figure in the end I will try it this way and save myself some knitting, or just have to tear back anyway. As of yet, I always seem to manage to make the fix.