Simple Cowl

You can tell when I am homebound because of snow and cold. I knit like a madman! I made a cowl out of a Berroco yarn similar to the scarf I made. It's a bulkier weight, so I used US10 needles and, again like the scarf, I simply did a 2x2 rib. Ken, I used the miraculous bind off you mentioned and it worked well. I still get a bit of a fluted and, but that's probably because there is so much yarn to work with. It's got a greener metallic tinge to it, but it will go well as extra protection to the wicked cold we are having this winter. The one picture looks like I am being swallowed up by something, but I wanted it tall and then spread out at the bottom to make up from where the scarf sometimes bunches up in back.

Again, Lou, thanks for the yarn. It was like knitting with supple and easy to work with.


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Nice cowl, Love the colors.
I understand the homebound mad man knitting. Snowed in here in Mississippi, by two inches! (No laughing please) Snow here only sticks over a layer of sleet, and no one knows how to drive on it. We (Mississippi) do have a snowplow ("a" as in singular, you can laugh now).
At least I have three projects to keep me busy. First, finish a scarf for my mother (she dropped a hint at Christmas) Second, a hat for a coworker. And finally, my second sweater, a top down drop sleeve for myself.

Keep us posted

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A lovely yarn and that cowl knit up nicely.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love the way it came out! The color is great!

I'm not snowbound here in the Finger Lakes area of western New York State, but we're experiencing frigid temps in the lower single digits with wind chill fifteen to twenty below. I ain't goin' nowheres...! I have knitting and quilting to keep me busy, and chocolate to calm the nerves.....! Terry

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Beautiful work.


I love cowls, after loosing so many scarfs over the years, this is a great alternative! I just drape i over the coat hanger and it doesn't get lost. I can pull it up from the back to cover my neck and lower head. I love them

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You made me chuckle. I made this one because the first one I made a couple years ago out of very good wool (I was practicing to be a yarn snob but have since changed my view on that) has gone missing. I'm not sure how the stuff I store in a bin in the back of my SUV can go anywhere without my knowing about it. Ah, me.

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That turned out great and looks good on you. I'm sure that it'll help keep you warm when you have to get out in that cold, cold weather. We got sleet and then snow last night here in the midlands of SC. As Stephen, maybe a couple of inches, but I'll take it.

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Really nicely done, Mark. Great choice of colorway. I'm glad to hear you tried the bind off. For me, it's the best combination of stretch and least fluted look. I haven't yet tried a cowl, but I'll have to try one. I could sure use it up here about now!