Lovely Simple Lace Finished

Took it off the block and here it is. She is wearing it today when we go out. She would not model it so I've got it on on the picture. If you have never tried lace it is about as easy as it gets. Pattern was posted earlier. Give it a try! JRob

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Beautiful workmanship! I still have the pattern that you posted and I want to make it into a shawl for my mother who lives in FL but wants to look stylish...even in heat. Well done, sir!


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Thanks Mark. Your Mom will love it. Easy and quick. No counting and since it is so repetitive you can do it while watching TV or talking to someone. JRob.

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Wow, that's really a nice scarf and I'm sure your mom will love wearing it. Great job on the blocking, too.

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Thanks Calvin. I love the stuff you've been posting as well. JRob

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Really nice work! I love how open and airy the lace work is.

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Thanks, Ken. That is what initially attracted me to the pattern. JRob

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That turned out quite nice. I hope she enjoys it very much and receives lots of compliments.

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Thanks Joe. My wife wore it to church and yes she did get several compliments. JRob

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Yup - it's a nice simple pattern that give maximum impact for the work.

It also looks good whether you choose a solid or a variegated yarn; which is a nice bonus.

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Excellent work! This is a relatively simple pattern, true, with high impact. I find most lace work to be rather boring to do. That is, there is a lot of repetitive work -- the same thing over and over and over! But that is what creates the impact when it is completed and stretched out.

Did you know there is a difference between knitted lace and lace knitting?

It's true! Really. It appears that it is generally accepted that "Lace Knitting" is defined as a knitted fabric where there is a row of plain knitting (usually the wrong side/purl row) worked alternately with a row of knitted holes/yarnovers and decreases made in various patterns.

"Knitted Lace" is knitted fabric where there are holes/yarnovers and corresponding decreases are made on every row, giving more definition to a lace pattern. There isn't a plain row of knitting.

The easiest way to tell the difference that the strands separating the holes/yarnovers in lace kniiting are twisted, where as in knitted lace the strands appear more in a suspended manner (as in a float, are straight) and not twisted, usually with a stitch coming out of the hole on the next row.

To most people, it really doesn't matter much. It's all still beautiful no matter what you call it.