More Cutesy Crap... yet Impressive Craftsmanship

Hi all,
Someone posted this on my FB-page. I must say, "I am impressed." Since I have not seen it here, I thought I would share. Each character is distinctive.



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There were no pictures in the article. Did you see them anywhere? I gave up on FB years ago.


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Same here, Mark. I have a Facebook account, but am rarely on there. I really just don't care for it. Stephen, if you know of any other location they're posted on, I would love to see them.

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I don't know where I found the pictures...but if you pm me your email address, I can send them to you...there are about eight pictures...

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The link I posted was not FB. It is the Mirror UK.

Facebook is where I found out about them.


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Now I see them. Very cool. I am in awe of those who can make things like that. 3D fiber art is way out of my league. Thanks for sharing.