Hi all!

So I recently joined the AIDS Walk New York team in the fundraising department. I thought it would be a fun and creative idea to set up an etsy account and sell some knit wear, and donate the proceeds to AIDS Walk NY 2014. It's an amazing cause that helps so many people. I'm getting started on my project now that I've finished my cowl! I was thinking if you all would like to donate a knit item in any shade of red (gloves, mittens, hats, etc) you can mail to me and I will include on AWNYs etsy page. All proceeds from sales would go to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and advocacy. Inbox me for my mailing address. Would love to put MENWHOKNIT on the map for supporting an amazing cause.

All my best!

PS If it's not red it's totally ok. Donating your time and love that you put into any project is more than anyone could ask for.


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Wonderful Idea!
What is the deadline?


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Let's say March 1st as a soft deadline! Get as many knitters as you know involved in this project :) as soon as I get back to my computer I'll make a sign up sheet in a google doc so that you guys can forecast what you'll be making! I'm excited about this avenue of fundraising!

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Also if you are not a member of this amazing blog, you can email me at for more details! Thanks guys. I hope you can each manage to help out in any way. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

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I can't find an AIDS Walk New York etsy page.

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Hey there! I haven't set it up yet. We just started the collaboration process. I'm working on the page as we speak. Once its up, would it be something you are interested in getting involved with? :)