Slippers and Cowl

Here are the orange slippers I made for my son. I used Patons Classic Wool Roving Bulky which I substituted for holding two strands of worsted wool...much nicer to work with. Very soft. About 4 sts/in.

The cowl is made with Malabrigo Rasta Pure Merino Wool, super bulky in Ravelry Red...2 - 2.5 sts/in. I apologize for the blurry photos, but the red is so vibrant, it is hard to photograph.

I've enjoyed working with brighter colors. With winter being a largely black and white season here in dreary Chicagoland, the red and orange was pleasant to see and warm to work with. A nice combination for temps hovering at around -5 degrees. We have now been in the deep freeze for almost 50 days! No temps above freezing in all that time. Oy!

Stay warm.


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Bill's picture

those slippers look VERY comfortable!

CLABBERS's picture

They are indeed, Bill.

Thunderhorse54's picture

Love the red!! It's my favorite color. And I'm definitely making those slippers when I get my sweater done. I'm actually making MYSELF something.

CLABBERS's picture

Thanks Terry. They are pretty easy to make. Read my comment above to Daniel to the one pitfall that I ran into.

ronhuber's picture

Gee, you do beautiful work. Both projects are lovely. I especially like the slippers.

CLABBERS's picture

Thanks Ron! I am happy with the way they turned out and since my son was happy with the pumpkin color I chose, I could avoid going blind with his initial choice of neon orange.

Crafty Andy's picture

The slippers look very cozy. The cowl looks nice and very warm, good job.

CLABBERS's picture

Thanks Andy. They are both very comfy and warm.

The slippers are great! Could you post again which pattern you used? Thanks!

CLABBERS's picture

Hi Daniel,
I got the pattern for the slippers from the book The Knitting Man(ual) by Kristin Spurkland and they are called Saturday Morning Slippers. It's not difficult, although knitting through the back loop for the entire sole does make ones hands a bit weary at times. It calls for two strands of worsted weight wool, and I have made some like that, but i prefer to work with one strand and the Patons Classic Wool Roving Bulky really knits up nice. My son loves his new slippers.

If you decide to make them, keep in mind that after you make the slipper body and do the Kitchener stitch to join the instep, it will be time for the cuff. She has you pick up a couple stitches from where you joined the instep to itself. When doing so, be careful as you may need to pick up a few extra to avoid the holes that may suddenly appear. Of course you can always remedy that later, but who wants to do that if they don't have to.


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Good work...they look great. I should try a cowl but have more scarves than I use now. Same with slippers.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

CLABBERS's picture

Thanks, Joe. I seem to have begun a collection of scarves and cowls now as well. Perhaps I'll just keep on using up the yarn I get and open a little shop on Etsy.

colamanknits's picture

Those are very nice, Mark. I love the way the cowl drapes on you. The slippers look so neat and comfortable; love the colors of both. I'm sure that your son will enjoy wearing the slippers. Is the cowl for you?