I Second That!

I agree with Mike (Sticywarp); I too will do anything to keep this site up. (and some of you are aware of exactly what I 'might' do!) The rest of you will have to speculate.

I suggested to Mike that I would be willing to chip in to pay for the domain name on a long-term basis.

In short, I would hate to lose touch with y'all in what is a great forum.

Best to you all.


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Sorry Mike, mispelled your username... oops!

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Domain name registration is cheap anymore depending on where you register it. Anywhere between $6-10 per year is normal.

The higher charge would be for the hosting services and that would be affected by the amount of space the site takes and the traffic... both of which I think only Darrell or any other site mod would know.

I was worried yesterday too when I saw the site was down and looked at the WHOIS info. I realized that I only had one MWK user's email address (discounting some of your blogs) so I got a little concerned... to the point that I checked around for hosting packages.... just in case.

This is a great site and slap full of great guys and lots of info. I'd hate to lose it.

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Chris, You are a "caution" as my grandmother would say! LOL How the hell are you?


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ayuh - I meant to mention hosting fees etc when I mentioned domain costs - so Darrell - why not give us some figures and a way to kick in?

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