Seed Stitch Cowl

I had some yarn left over from my son's slippers, so I thought I'd work up a nice hat. With all the seed stitch discussion we have had in an earlier post, I thought I might as well practice it, since I have never used it for anything. When I got to the place where I needed to decrease, I just couldn't find any good ways to decrease using seed stitch. I tried all sorts of combinations of things and they just looked ugly. So...a cowl was born!



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You are correct there is not a good choice for a single stitch decrease for seed stitch. The only decrease that you can do that keeps you in pattern is a triple decrease e.g. sl1, k2tog, psso, k3tog etc. Of course, this make you decrease at a much faster rate so you need to do them less time with more rounds between dec rounds so that you end up with a crown and not a pointy elf hat...unless that's what you are going for! I think you'll like the cowl more than a hat anyway. I find them so flexible, neck warmer, mouth cover when it's windy or I'm blowing snow, or pulling the sides/back up so that it covers bottom half of your ears.

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Hi Shawn.
Yep, I tried all those decreases and just didn't like the way they looked. I had toyed with the idea of just switching to stockinette stitch and then decreasing, but thought a cowl is more flexible. I have several and use them at different times while I am hiking. We had 8" of new snow today, so a cowl will be a perfect accessory tomorrow.

Stay warm!


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Looks like you resolved the problem in a great way. I like the looks of it and it ought to be a warm way to defeat the cold weather you are having.

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Glad you were able to find a way to use it. It looks nice on you.

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Nice job. :ove the color and the pattern with it. JRob