Has anyone bought from Yarn-Paradise?

I am looking to buy a large quantity of fluffy soft, bulky yarn for a duvet cover I am planning on knitting. I found Yarn-Paradise online and they have a massive collection. Their prices are amazingly low as are their shipping prices. Has anyone ever bought from them?


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I've had bad luck.
The yarns are OK...but I ordered a batch from Turkey, and the package had been opened, some of the yarn removed. It was sent in a plastic bag, not a box.
They insisted it was all there when they sent it...
...no recompense from either them or UPS.
I've bought some of their novelty yarns from sellers on ebay, but in the USA, not from Turkey.

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Good to know, Bill. I am always leery of buying things out of country because of things like you mentioned. I will be needing quite a lot of yarn, so I want to make sure I am going to get what I pay for.

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This yarn is carried by " All points Yarn" in Washington. The prices are about the same but here in US.
Morgan will help you !

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Thank you, Steve. I will research her site and perhaps give her a call.

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"All Points Yarn" is run by a guy named Morgan. It is in Des Moines, Washington

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Ooops....I'll give HIM a call. :) Thanks again.

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Thanks for the link,