Longjohn "Woolies"

I made these worsted weight longjohns in the mid 1980's. They are super warm and perfect for frigid winters...like this one ! The gradually shaped legs are joined at the crotch, then the hips are decreased at the center front and back to the ribbed waistband.

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Now, those are interesting. I might be inclined to make a pair if I found a pattern.

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Quite nice. Did you work from any specific pattern? I know that Elizabeth Zimmermann has instructions in Knitter's Almanac and the Wool Gatherings she wrote. I keep thinking I should try a pair sometime, given how cold Wyoming weather can get.

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I'm tempted too, Joe...San Francisco is windy/cold waiting for the streetcar...but that's a lot of knitting...and I spend less money buying a readymade pair of longjohns...
Still...a wild variegated colour would be fun!

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That's a great thought...sort of like my "Secret Agenda" socks: They are a wild combination of colors and have lurex in the yarn to create a glitter effect...I figure I can wear them in a crowd of conservative people and think, "You don't know what my socks look like." Especially if I have to dress conservatively also. I could always think, " You'd really get a kick out of my longies!"

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Hi Joe: I did not work from any specific pattern. I always "knit to fit" using gauge and measurements to create my own designs. These are basically two long, shaped "sleeves" that are joined and then knit around to the waist, decreasing center back and front to the ribbing. Elizabeth Zimmerman was my inspiration and I have always embraced her "you can do it" philosophy.

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Do I hear a project for the Colorado retreat? I could really use a pair of those woolies here in Chicago.