My new sweater

Just finished my new sweater. It's an older pattern, which I prefer. Now for some socks!!!

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Very nice bit of knitting. And it looks quite nice on you. Congratulations.

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That's a really great looking sweater! Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to have a copy of it. I've been looking to do a sweater that is more than just stockinette stitch forever and ever and ever!
Well done, Terry.

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I'm sending you a copy in the morning. As soon as I figure out how to send it in a PDF!!!

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Wonderful design, love the cables.
Excellent work.

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Thanks guys!!!! We all need a little validation now and then...

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Beautiful work. The pattern is stunning.

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Thank you very much sir. I love vintage patterns.

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Terry: Great looking sweater not only in design but in color. Looks good on you. Congrats! John

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Thank you very much sir! It was fun to make.

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I love this pattern, very sharp looking with a lot of nice detail. Great work!

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Thanks Ken!!! I'm willing to share!