Happy Birthday to me

Celebrating my 42nd birthday today.
Here is my gift:

a Men's Top down drop sleeve cardigan. Size 38, gauge 5x6/inch.

This is just my starting point, I increased the cast on stitches to 109. Needed the extra stitch to center the 4x1 rib pattern I am using. There will be more tweeks to come as I reconsider button placement, collar options and pockets.

So far I have worked the top back and one side of the front.

Pattern created with Sweater Wizard V3

A great day to all,

PDF icon M-38 TopDown-DropCardigan-US8(6).pdf41.54 KB


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Happy Birthday!!!
I'm glad you are enjoying using the Sweater Wizard. I really like that it gives you a basic "canvas" to work with. It makes adding some design elements with different stitches easier to navigate. I am anxious to see the work you are doing. Make sure to keep us up to date with each piece as you get them done!

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Thanks Mark,
I will share my progress with this and all projects.

The "blank slate" patterns are wonderful and intimidating all at once. Tried the monotonous "sea of stocking net" never again will I wade into those waters.


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I am currently one sleeve away from finishing one of those endless stockinette stitch sweaters. What I do appreciate about them is that they are truly an exercise in stitch consistency. When I flatten out the sweater as I go along and all the stitches line up nicely and there are no irregularities, I smile inwardly knowing that this is the base of all knitting. If I can get it to look perfect, then I am able to make things more intricate. My next sweater will have some detail to it that I think I will design. I can assure you it will be a daunting task of frogging back many times until I can get it to look just right.


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Happy Birthday!
...guess I'd better investigate Sweater Wizard...
No luck!
I tried to install Sweater Wizard for Mac...and it installed a whole Genio home page/ browser and I'm not sure what else...so I dumped everything...

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I am using Sweater Wizard for win.
No "bonus" (or bogus) programs included.

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Happy birthday and the good thing is you are receiving a gift you will definitely like. LOL Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It may be just me, but some of my favorite gifts were..
"some assembly required"

thanks Joe,