Hello Men! I hope you've been having a good weekend. I am, and part of the
reason for that is that I found the time to finish what I've been working on.

This is a Nautilidae (Nautilus) from a pattern by Hansi Singh. She hasn't
been designing for some time, having taken some time away to go back to
school. So I was really excited to see that she had posted a new pattern on
Ravelry a few months ago and downloaded as soon as I found it.

Having made her octopus pattern in the past, as well as her hermit crab, a
lot of the design elements were familiar such as the tentacles and shell.
This definitely made things easier. Though not a difficult creature to make,
he was complex and took some attention to detail.

Above is a pic of the shell in progress. Both sides have been knitted and
are connected on the bottom/inside edge. The outside/top edge is in the
process of being kitchener stitched together. There were 132 stitches on each
side of the shell which was the longest run of stitches I've ever

This is a shot of the tentacles, all knit but not yet sewn together. After
they were sewn, pipe cleaners were inserted to allow them to be curled and

And the final pic is of the eye assembly. I loved the construction of this.
It is knitted flat, shaped with short rows and then kitchenered together.
Then stitches are picked up around the round ends and decreased into the
center of the eye. A brilliant bit of design.

Hope everyone is staying warm. Sounds like they're calling for more cold
weather and snow in the NE. Brrr!


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Great work, Ken! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

KenInMaine's picture

Thanks, Joe!

phew's picture

WOW! Incredible work Ken. I hope that either your house is filled with these wonderful works of yours or you catch a good price for them. Always pleased to see your knitted animal works. If there a zoo in the offing? John

KenInMaine's picture

Thanks, John! I do still have a number of the creatures I've made: this one, the hermit crab, jackalope, octopus, cuttlefish and snail. I did sell the chameleon as part of a charity auction. Not sure what's next though there are still plenty to choose from!

CLABBERS's picture

Hansi Singh would be proud of your work! It's stunning, as are all your creatures.

KenInMaine's picture

Thanks, Mark!

Bill's picture

I'm fascinated by the work of Hansi Singh...but I don't think my knitting skills are up to it...

KenInMaine's picture

I think you could do it! Maybe try one if her simpler patterns like the starfish or pufferfish?

Thunderhorse54's picture

I have no words. I haven't heard of this designer before. But that piece is magnificent! I wouldn't even think about undertaking something of that magnitude. It puts me to shame with my little socks and sweaters. Good work. I shall come back here often to admire it. Terry

KenInMaine's picture

Terry, the nautilus honestly isn't as hard as it looks. Hansi's patterns are usually a lot of small parts that add up to one big piece that make it look harder than it is. And socks and sweaters are no easy feat either. The sweater you just finished is amazing. I love all the textural work on it... you did a beautiful job! Congrats!

SAPBrown's picture

I like it. Structural Knitting impresses me.
Lovely work.


WOW I love this! I did something like this years ago for weaving class in college, really more of fabric art I made a quezlt snake . I am going on check more of her stuff in raverly trying to get something new to knit thanks for the inspiration

KenInMaine's picture

Let me know if you decide to try one of her designs. I'd love to know what you decide on!