Stash-Busting slippers

So at our last guild meeting, many members brought in their Stash-Busting hats (see my entry of 2014-01-23). When the ladies took them down to one of our charities, they said they have enough hats, but they really need some slippers. Apparently, at some of the shelters, they can’t be barefoot or wear shoes in their facilities, so they require slippers.

So I found a couple of simple patterns, and knit up a pair. They are fun to do! And again, you can take several yarns together, any colour, any size, and knit any pattern you like. I used garter stitch since it is the most versatile, with a little ribbing, and it feels good, and it stretches nicely.

I have now made three pairs. Every time you do a pair, you find some variations you should make on the next one! These are so addictive. They are fast too. Of course, there are two to make, but they don’t even need to be the same colour or design. What law says they must?

Here is the first pair I made. They appear quite small, but they do stretch a lot – they even fit me! And the best thing is that I really like wearing them now when it is so cold on the floors. I will continue to knit up a few more pair out of some of my stash.

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I like the color combo and they look very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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I like them!! Maybe I should make myself a pair.

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Great idea and a lovely example of beautiful knitting.

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Those are great! If I may ask, what pattern did you use for the pair in the photo?

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I know that pattern from somewhere....but I can't recall the source. Great looking slippers and a great idea for charitable knitting.

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I'm with Ken! GREAT pic! Could you point us in the right direction for the pattern?

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I couldn't attach anything to a Reply, so had to create a new blog entry. The pattern is attached to that post.