Knitty Cat T-shirt and Tote

This image is available over at:
on either a t-shirt and on a black tote, which could make a cool knitting project bag!


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Love it, thanks for sharing

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What a great design. Thanks for sharing it.

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tried to order it, but got totally bogged down with their check out system...

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Sorry to hear that, Bill. I don't have a lot of buying experience with them. I have picked up a few t shirts in the past and it's gone fine, but maybe they've changed (not for the better) their checkout procedure...

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I got a t-shirt. Didn't have any problem with their ordering system , but I think that's because they had an option to checkout with Amazon - and I just used that account.

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Bill's picture

I tried to check out with amazon...but got two "boxes" said something about third oarty cookie, not sure what the other was...but I couldn't find any way to complete the order. I have a working amazon account.

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You will have to enable acceptance of 3rd Party Cookies using in order to place an order. Once you are finished with the ordering, you can then disable it again. Let me know which browser you are using and I'll see if I can direct you from that point on.

Bill's picture

Thanks, Mark,
I don't need to order from them. Whatever their system complicating things for me, and I don't need that.
I'm also a bit bothered by their "cutsey" answers to all the FAQ's.
I wrote to their support people yesterday...but have heard nothing.
...I've been buying from Amazon and their assorted vendors for years with no problems.

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The folks at Woot actually laugh at themselves. They will never be known for quality merchandise. I would never spend more than the cost of a shirt from them. I do have the Raven t-shirt that I wear when I teach poetry to my middle schoolers. They started with just one item a day and that was it. Now they have become quite a business with so many departments. I agree that Amazon is a better bet.

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I finally got a response from their "help" department...worthless!
so I've unsubscribed from their daily newsletter...
There's plenty of other fun stuff around...