April is for Lace

The Scarf is a Lace scarf that is really for men to wear. I am sure women will find it appealing as well.
Scairf Lasa (3) flickr
This hat is unisex as well, but it is a hat any man that wants a little lace on their head will enjoy wearing.
Pomegranate Lace Hat (3 flickr)

I will be putting higher resolution pictures on my Flickr photostream, but until I publish the pattern the photos here will show of low quality. I apologize ahead of time. This patterns are available on Ravelry.
Thanks for stopping by!


Bill's picture

That scarf looks GREAT!!!
...will we see it tomorrow night?

Crafty Andy's picture

Yes I will bring it tomorrow to Knit Night, along with the hat.

CLABBERS's picture

Outstanding, Andy. I really enjoy seeing your work. It's always so detailed. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can go to a retreat with you sometime so I can watch you work and pick your brain a bit about a few things.


Quite beautiful, Andres, and it certainly appeals to this woman.

Thunderhorse54's picture

I'm really loving that scarf!!!! I'll look on Ravelry for the pattern. You really are an inspiration Andy.

Crafty Andy's picture

Thank YOU. There is more lace in the works, I think men need more lace in our life. I have to take advantage of the inspiration while is there and write the patterns. I have been quiet for a while ha ha ha. I hope to get an ebook some time in the future.

santaml's picture

lovely scarf love the color

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Stunning, my dear Andy. I still wish to knit Apollo - another fine lace project by you - and agree that men need more lace in their wardrobe.

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