Cannot decide on my next project

I am finishing up another simple lace scarf for a friend of my son. It is a lovely light grey fibre 100% mink. I should be done this weekend. Then I am either going to do Jared Flood's Rock Island Shawl or his Timberline Shawl Collared Cabled Cardigan. What does the group think and which would you like to see first.



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Thank you for the link sir.

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Having just been involved with the Brethren Sock, I vote for the Timberline Cardigan. I think it is a stunning sweater. Of course if you want to make something for someone for the summer, perhaps the shawl would be the way to go.

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I agree with Mark, definitely the Timberline Cardigan. I'm a big fan of textured work such as this. I might even get the pattern. And no, Mark, I haven't started the Brethren Socks yet.

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I'm halfway done with sock #2....better hurry up! ;)

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Either one would be nice, especially since you do such fine knitting on any project.

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