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What happened was me not getting emails from my domain registrar alerting me of the upcoming renewal date and failure of the auto-payment setup because we recently got new credit cards.

I apologize if the downtime caused anyone to think I have intentions of taking the site down, but rest assured this is simply not the case.

Mike sent me a message Wednesday evening altering me to the site being down around 6:30. I logged on to the domain registrar, re-entered our cc info, and that was it. I replied to Mike's email around midnight, but the hysteria seemed to continue on the the site the next day.

Please recognize that an interruption in your service is also an interruption in mine. I genuinely appreciate the emotion and sentiment expressed because I feel it comes from the sense of community I want this site to inspire.

Paying for the domain name isn't a problem. This site is a project of a business my best friend and I operate, which is linked in the footer of the site.

When you visit sponsor links, order through the ads on the page, or buy a t-shirt, that money goes towards paying for our web hosting and other business expenses so we can keep doing cool stuff and maybe one day quit our day jobs.

I'm still working on the backend of the site, since the upgrade which didn't happen as cleanly as it first seemed. I'm going through them as time permits.

Again, I'm very sorry for the downtime and appreciate all the offers to pay for the domain name, but it's not necessary. The "Make a Donation" button will make a reappearance soon enough, though!

Thanks for loving the site so much and for all the good energy, knowledge, comraderie and soul y'all bring here.

Knit on!


Woo Hoo! Great news, Darrel!

But, still, let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

Many hugs,

~Mike in Tampa

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~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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forgive us wise one....we last our faith for a moment....guess it shows how much we love what you have done with this site.....thank you for taking care of it....that just happened to me at my bank and it is a pain in the a*s changing the card numbers with all the different companies that I use it with!

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Come back to the light, Gabriel... come back to the light!

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GREAT to see the site up and running! I figured as much about the emails, cc, and such. Just glad you found out and was able to act on it quickly. I was afraid that you and/or your site had been hijacked and held by fiber terrorists and would demand a huge wool stash for your release. Yep . . the emails were zipping around the net very quickly, and so many of the guys were pulling together to help out in any way. A daily check on MWK . or several a day . . has become a part of many of our lives. It's not just a website, but a connection for web of friends.

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Precisely! That's the beautiful thing about it all. There have been a couple of hack attempts at the site, but thankfully nothing too severe has happened.

I think sites like ours keep the heart and soul of the Internet alive. And since you guys have already come to my fiber rescue once before, I know y'all would give up some stash to help a brother out!