Further on grafting

There was some discussion earlier about provisional cast on, which serves a function very similar to grafting. And now there is a FREE, online Craftsy class with Anne Hanson, Ins & Outs of Grafting, to learn to seamlessly join pieces of any knit fabric for an elegant final result! This is only until April 12, so go and get it quick! I found the videos very clear, her descriptions are simple enough to understand easily, and she does add lots of other useful information about grafting and making garments. She does speak a lot about the half-stitch off-set and how to disguise it (we had a lot of talk about that earlier). I think all you guys would find this very helpful, if not now, sometime in the future. Go and get it while you can!


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Thanks for the heads-up, I just enrolled!

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I shall do so as soon as I close this page out. Thanks for the info TallGuy!!

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Thank You I just enrolled.