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Selfies April 2014 Daniel Hat (1)

I have a friend who loves this oversize hats, mostly because he has dreadlocks. I enjoy making hats for him and they are in acrylic, because that is what he wants. I make them because he has appreciated my art all the time. Thanks for stopping by!


santaml's picture

Love the green in this hat . The yellow really makes the stitches pop. Great hat

Crafty Andy's picture

Thank you, I do love bold colors .

Thunderhorse54's picture

Lovin' that hat!!! Is it a pattern of yours? Is it available. I'd love to make one for someone special.

Crafty Andy's picture

I just modified the pattern for this size of hat. Here is the linky to the pattern store.

Thunderhorse54's picture

Thank you sir.

CLABBERS's picture

Love the always...and the design suits you! I am going to make a vow to go out and get some eye-popping colors this summer and make a hat for next winter that will brighten up the bland brown/black/white landscapes in winter wonderland. Great job, Andy.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Great photo, Andy!

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