"Heracles" a lace scarf

Heracles Collage ver 2A

Here is the latest Lace scarf by me. It was a lot of fun figuring out. Thanks for stopping by!


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Beautiful design, Andy!

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Thank You Bill.

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I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this scarf.

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I love this! BIG FAN OF GREEN TOO! and you carry it well!

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I love green myself. I was pleasantly surprised at the drape of the scarf. As I design, I am learning about things that make fabric work the way I want. There were elements that I changed and it was frogged 3 times.

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That is one beautiful scarf, Andy. And, as always, you look amazing wearing it. The pattern is really lovely as well.

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what a beautiful scarf I love that green.

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Thank you, is a very vivid green

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Simply gorgeous, Andy.

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