Colormatic Cowl

The rep was at my LYS and she had done this scarf. I instantly fell in love
with it. While she was in the back getting something out of her car I tried
it on and took a pic. SOOOO nice on me. I even loved the colors she had
picked out so I decided to be a copy cat. I don't care I love this thing. I
did such an excellent job of my partner proceeded to steal it from me as soon
as it was off my needles. As you can tell he's very happy with it. He even
picked out an outfit just to go with his stolen scarf.

Colormatic on Ravelry

Colortastic knitted cowl  Colortastic knitted cowl


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice looking...I guess you'll just have to knit another for yourself. [And hope he doesn't take that one also.]

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Bill's picture

Very handsome!
...I can see why Paul loves it...

KenInMaine's picture

I really like the pattern and colors on this cowl. Is that a pattern that is available for download/purchase online?

smmikkel's picture

It's available for free: Colormatic

But there is another cowl very similar that is in my que: Pine Bough Cowl

Bill's picture

Thank you for the link to Colormatic!
She's done some very nice and clear videos!