Canadian humor!??!

Ok, I'm married to a canadian so I know the answer to this...however do you think that the creator of this rollers-in-the-hairh hat (found on was smokin a little sompin-sompin when she thought anyone might where it? Just does reflect their great humor though! s

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All she needs is pyjama pants and birkenstocks over handknit wool socks and she can move out here.



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This is a hat for the sensitive, socially conscious woman with perfect hair - worn so as not to embarrass those having bad hair days.

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Damn!!! That's one FUNKY hat!!! Such a shame I won't have time to knit one before Halloween.

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Hey, that's great!! I haven't seen anything like that for a few years --- my, it does bring back memories!!

Actually, at one time, it was the rule that you had to wear rollers in your hair when you went shopping. (Edith Ann says so!!) But the fashion, sadly, nowadays is for super straight hair hanging in the face, so we just don't see this familiar site at all. *sigh*

Now, where can I find a pattern for this hat??

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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That is HILARIOUS! I LOVE THE PICTURE! You need to check out Douglas Coupland's books, "Souvenir of Canada" (one and two) to fully understand the Canadian VS American cultural dichotomy. I created a comb-over hat for a friend... to be worn by a truly bald man: The little fringe around the outside with the long strands stretching over the top. Somewhere I have a picture....


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Yes, we can certainly laugh at ourselves. I think it is an absolutely marvellous hat. The lady reminds me of a friend who knit peter heaters and would hand them out to anyone she felt needed a good laugh.

I once lived in a neighborhood where all the housewives would put their hair in rollers and shuffle down to Piggly Wiggly in their house slippers. Here we have the rollers, but does anyone have a pattern for fuzzy pink slippers?