So I just got into beading and have a supply question. I am using. 1 mm crochet hook to bead. Having trouble finding beads with large enough holes. I know the bead size I want is 4mm. But how are the holes defined? It seems hit or miss


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Japanese made beads usually have a larger hole than Czech or French beads. There are a lot of cheap Chinese beads floating around too that i don't know about and honestly don't plan on finding out. The most available Japanese brands are Toho and Miyuki. But now that I'm rereading your post you state 4mm beads...hmmmm what kind of bead are we talking about? Crystal, firepolished, stone, glass, pearls, I'm thinking that none of them are going to work for stringing with a crochet hook. Most beads, other than seeds or cylinder beads are meant to only have 1 strand of stinging material run thru them therefore have a very small hole. I guess clarification is needed.

I'm doing some lace with size 8 seed beads and am down to a 0.75mm hook and it is too big for about 1/3 of the beads in the pkg thankfully I will only need about 1/2 of what I bought. I could always go down to a.5mm hook but then would have problems with catching the thread. Size 6 seeds would work well with a 1mm hook.

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I have been using fire polished Czech beads from various sources. Some don't work at all. Others sometimes more than fifty percent work. Didn't know I could even find a .75 mm hook. That might make the difference although the 1mm is sometimes hard to catch the line. Working with either lace or finger weight

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I have done lace with size 8 silver lined myself. I got them from EBay, but I have seen them in person. Japanese beads are excellent quality "Silver Lined Matsuno 8/0 #8 Round Glass Seed Bead" For the Bead threading I used an Oral - B Super Floss to help me bead the beads. There are you tube videos to help you with that. It is a lot easier than with a hook. Let me know if you need more help

Here is a video link

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Yes you can get as small as 0.4mm or US 16...very small indeed.

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If I understand correctly (I am not a beader) the problem is threading the yarn through the bead. May I suggest either a fly fishing bobbin threader.

or a small sewing latch hook used to pull snags through material.

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Hi, Steve!

Thanks for this! I've had the same trouble with the Ice Queen Cowl.