Lobsters in the Cathedral -Update 5/16

Good Evening All,

Well I've learned a lot on designing my sweater. I was not happy where I added stitches to get the width I wanted so I ripped it out and began again. I am much happier with the out come. Its been a busy time since my last post. My younger son had his senior flute recital and the next weekend graduated from University cum laude. We were out of town and with him both weekends And had a great time. However not much knitting got done. I've completed 4 repeats up the back so here is a current picture of the progress. I also made it slightly bigger. My first attempt was just going to be a hair to small. Could not have worn a flannel shirt under it only a tee. I am now very pleased with the way it is coming. Also if you check the previous post carefully with this one you can see how much more pleasing to the eye the cathedral cabling is. HAve a great weekend all and happy knitting. JRob

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Hi there JRob,
Beautiful design. I hope you are recording everything so that those of us who admire it will be able to get the pattern from you when finished. I am making a scarf with the seed stitch borders. For some reason, my brain really fights me when I have to keep track of which row I am on so I don't get things out of order. Really nice work!

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Very, very nice. I guess you can say that the first attempt was your "real" test swatch. LOL Not that I'm pointing fingers...most of my designing has to happen on the needles as it's the only way that I can really tell how things are working out. Still looking forward to seeing how the final sweater comes out.

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Absolutely gorgeous, I agree with Mark, I would love the pattern. The color is great too. I always admire those with the intelligence and the creativity that can create their own patterns. I can't wait to see the next step.

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love the "red" in the new picture! ...makes the Lobster claw really sing!