Brethren Sock, too.

Hi guys! After seeing all of Andy's wonderful socks, and shortly after Mark mentioned starting a pair, I decided I'd join the fun and try the Brethren sock pattern as well.

I really liked making these socks. It was an easy pattern to follow and I learned not only how to cable (yes, I've been knitting for 8 years and haven't worked any cables yet. Hard to believe, but I just haven't made anything that's called for them until now.) but also how to work them without the use of a cable needle. This was quite handy as I worked on these on the go quite a bit and I didn't have to keep track of a separate needle.

The only thing I found a bit tricky is that the pattern is intended to be worked with DPNs and I did mine TAAT on one long circular. So there were differences in how the stitches were set up. But with a little careful forethought, this wasn't a bit deal at all.

After a few attempts at getting gauge, I ended up having to go up to a US size 3 needle. I think that when I make these again (and I plan on it!), I will go down a size (to US 2.5) to snug them up just a bit. Otherwise the shaping and fit is very nice.

Thanks go out to Millard for creating such a unique and boldly cabled sock. It really looks and feels great on and I've gotten lots of nice feedback on them. If any of you have thought about trying these, don't hesitate. It's a fun knit and with all the cables, it never gets boring.

Well, cheers guys. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Take care!


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Beautiful workmanship! I really do like them. My next pair will be made with a less nubby yarn. I like the yarn that you used. I have a similar yarn that I used to make a scarf and it's very nice. It would match your socks perfectly. I got it from KnitPicks. Which yarn did you use? It was fun doing a knit along with you. Let's do another project sometime!

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Hi Mark, thanks very much. The yarn I used was KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in fingering weight (I think the colorway was Kindling). Maybe it's the same thing you used for your project? And yes, let's knit-along to something again soon!

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Yes, the Stroll Tonal Kindling is what I used. It's a very nice yarn to work with. I used worsted weight for the scarf and it is quite comfortable. Did you reinforce the heels as you said you were thinking of doing?

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I've reinforced the toes, but not the heels. I would still like to though.

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I am going to go back and reinforce the heels as soon as I figure out how to do it unobtrusively.

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I think you could turn the sock inside out and "darn" the heel...I'd put it on a darning egg and just run yarn up and down, through the stitches. With all that would never show on the outside...

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That's a great idea, Bill. Thanks!

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I find knitting with dpn's so comfortable...the idea of knitting those TAAT on a circular blows my mind!!!
I'm impressed!
...and they're really handsome!!!

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Thanks Bill!

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I don't understand what you meant by saying the pattern was intended to be knit with dpns. A good pattern can be worked any way you prefer, and it doesn't matter whether it is dpn or circs (1 or 2) or TAAT. All you need to watch is front and back, and with these, you will need to shift that around a bit. Not a problem.

I usually find that I like my socks a bit snug, and with a firm gauge. If necessary, you may need to add a few stitches to make them wide enough (or take some out). There appear to be areas between the cables where that may be possible... but it's just math.

I do love that design! And you do want to show them off. Wear them proudly!!

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Millard himself says: "The pattern instructions are written for 5 DPN’s, but can easily be adapted to using 2 circular needles or magic loop." And doing them using any of these methods while making one sock at a time should pose no problem. A bit more planning goes into shifting stitches when doing them TAAT. The stitches can't always be readily moved from one needle to another and forethought is required to know when to place said stitches on a stitch holder to be moved later in the round. Simply put, working these TAAT presents a few situations that are not spelled out in the instructions. Like you said, not a problem, but I wanted to make this clear to anyone who may attempt them in this manner. I hope this clarification helps you understand what I meant in my post. :^)

And yes, you could definitely modify the number of purl stitches between the cables to affect the size of the sock. The area I found the most in need of snugging up is the ribbing at the top of the sock before beginning the cables and that would be easy enough to do in a number of ways.

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Nice looking socks.

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Ken, those turned out great. Beautiful work.

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I love the colorway you used. You did a fantastic job!

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Thanks Andy. Coming from you, the Brethren master, that's one heck of a compliment!

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Great looking socks, Ken. I also had to go to size 3 needles to get gauge. The next pair will be on my usual sock needles and adding stitches between cables to adapt the fit.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Those look awesome! I've only done 1 pair. I'm a little jealous of a couple things; 1 your gussets look amazing! 2. you were able to cable w/o a cable needle. I did mine on Magic Loop, but I still couldn't quite get the cable w/o cable needle down. I knit really tightly, I'm blaming it on that!
The variegated yarn really shows off the pattern nicely. Eventually I'll knit another pair, just too many irons in the fire at the moment.

Congrat's on a job well done!

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Ken, I think your socks look AMAZING!!! I love that colorway! I may have to order some of that yarn for myself. I'm a moderately relaxed knitter, so that's probably why you had to go up a needle size to obtain gauge. You're right! Andy is definitely the Brethren Master Knitter!!! LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern! I'll need to consider adding adjunct instructions for 2AAT socks on magic loop. Thanks for the feedback and congratulations on a beautiful pair of socks!