Lobsters in the Cathedral -Update 5/26 Back Done

Good Evening All,

Back is off the needles. Thought I'd also have 1/2 of the front done but had a surprise visit from my daughter-in-law and 20 month old Grandson. They came up and spent the weekend while my son was away on business. HAd a great time but did not get much knitting done.

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Stunning! You have done such a great job. I hope you put the pattern up for sale on Ravelry. It will probably sell very well. I would love to make one. If you need a test knitter, let me know.

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I would buy the pattern...easily. I love it. I can't wait to see it done.

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WOW! ...the back looks wonderful!!!

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Looks great!

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Impressive! Lovely design.

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Very, very nice. That is going to be as stunning as we thought it would be. As to time playing with the grandbaby...one has to have priorities and playtime should win out.

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It looks amazing!