10-Stitch Blanket but 0-Stitch Brains...

Has anybody attempted/finished a 10-stitch blanket such as http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ten-stitch-blanket ? I've tried and frogged 4 times now. I can't get past the corner stuff. It's either too many instructions, or too many new concepts for a newbie, or I'm missing something, or whatever. I've tried looking for a video of it being made, to no avail. My next step is child slave labor.

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I have looked at that pattern often as a possible for using up bits of yarn, however, I usually revert to making square shawls using Elizabeth Zimmermann's pattern in "Knitting Almanac". I have just re-read the pattern you are attempting and I think the author is right when she says it is easier than it seems. Sometimes using a separate piece of paper for each row helps. Have another sheet with numbers from one to whatever and put a checkmark after the number when you have finished the row. I live alone and can actually say aloud the first instruction, do it, and then repeat until that row is done. Maybe try it again first thing in the morning and not in the evening after a hard day of work. I am sure you will get the hang of it and I look forward to seeing a picture of it as you go.

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I am working on a 10 st triangle piece by the same designer. This is what I've discovered...she's making it waaaaaay toooo hard! She based her designs off of EZ's stuff and EZ clearly states in all of her short-rowed garter stitch designs that you should not bother wrapping the stitches, the holes are very small and you will not see them. For the first 3 corners I went to the bother of wrapping then on the next 3 corners I did not wrap and I cannot see enough difference to go to the added work. And heck, so what if you can see it, if it's consistent, it becomes a design element! Hope this helps you get on track. Shawn

So the new simplified corner instruction would be:
Row 1: Sl1, K8, turn
Row 2: K9
Row 3: Sl1, K7, turn
Row 4: K8
Row 5: Sl1, K6, turn
Row 6: K7
Row 7: Sl1, K5, turn
Row 8: K6
Row 9: Sl1, K4, turn
Row 10: K5
Row 11: Sl1, K3, turn
Row 12: K4
Row 13: Sl1, K2, turn
Row 14: K3
Row 15: Sl1, K1, turn
Row 16: K2
Row 17: Sl1, K1, turn
Row 18: K1
Row 19: Sl1, K1, turn
Row 20: K2
Row 21: Sl1, K2, turn
Row 22: K3
Row 23: Sl1, K3, turn
Row 24: K4
Row 25: Sl1, K4, turn
Row 26: K5
Row 27: Sl1, K5, turn
Row 28: K6
Row 29: Sl1, K6, turn
Row 30: K7
Row 31: Sl1, K7, turn
Row 32: K8
Row 33: Sl1, K8, turn
Row 34: K9
Row 35: Sl1, K9, turn
Row 36: K9, SSK or sl1, k1, psso

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Awesome! I'm gonna try this one! I don't mind the wraps, but if I don't have to then it's better. I have trouble with picking up stitches that makes me happy.

"Very pink" has an online youtube clip for something she calls a 10-stitch blanket.

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I just remembered seeing this pattern explained in an excellent tutorial by a woman I am quite fond of. Her name is Staci at VeryPink.com. She takes you through the entire blanket in a 30-minute video that is cut up into 5 parts. She explains very nicely about the wrap an turn...saying you don't pick up the wrap and she shows you how to do it. It's really quite simple when someone is there to demonstrate. I hope this helps! This blanket is on my to-make list as well, so I am anxious to see how it turns out.



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I think Joe has done one of those also.