what do you knit when you don't...

what do you knit when you don't wear many winter clothes, and neither do most of your family/friends... and you don't have many kids in your life, so knitting toys seems like a waste... and you're a self-admitted sour sally when it comes to mug cozies, jewelry, animal clothing, things without actual purpose, and anything too femme or religiousy.

is it just washcloths, socks, sweaters, and the occasional blanket, cowl ?

posting this different places because i'm curious about the projects that people will do, when they're definitely NOT ever doing other projects. i think some of you may surprise me...


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Knitting toys seems like a waste? Oh man, I'd die if I lost my knitted monkey! :-)

Well there are blankets, as you said. But some of them are really cool and not very flowery/femme. Also you can check out some of the books written for male knitters such a "Manly Knits" or "Knitting with Balls" etc.

Knit hats are quick and fun sometimes and you can donate them to cancer treatment centers and hospitals. It's pretty easy to design your own patterns for hats too and just play with the whole idea of colors and shapes.

HAVE you knit socks? Have you ever worn socks made from REALLY awesome sock yarn? I have. I don't think I'll ever be able to buy socks from a store again. And the self-patterning sock yarns are cool.

Find something you like such as a second hobby and see if you can knit something involving that. I do model railroading and I've had fun knitting and crocheting locomotives and such.

Check out books on "summer knits" and you will find ideas for warm-weather regions.

Hope this helps.

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knitting for donations;
toys can go to local shelters and hospitals,
blankets to numerous charities,
hats to many charities.

There are some geometric lace patterns that can be done in heavier yarns as throw rugs or lapghans.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Slippers are quick and give you the opportunity to practice new techniques and patterns. Since it looks like you live in Washington, I would think that mittens would interest you.

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I knit yardage...then I cut and sew it into vests .


I have always wanted to be a fabric artist. they are kinda rare breed in the art world,but in fabric art you combine everything you know about fabric.
I took a class in my freshman year in Weaving. I learned so much on the subject, the instructor wasn't really tight with his requirements. We were however required to exhibit at least 8 items at the end of the semester. The best were to be shown in the school art hall.
I knew how to crochet, knit and now weave. But we were not limited to what we could do. I submitted all 8 items of the eight items 4 were in the art hall. (the glass required one semester in design which i didn't have) most of the items were not sensible items by any standards non you could wear.
Sometimes I feel knitting is the same way. Yes its nice to have the "sensible" things to do, and "cutsie" but in any form of art and I feel knitting is that, there is a sense of awe and excitement, creativity and flow.
So to sum it all up, knitting is an art form of unlimited possibilities. Its and expression to the world what the world to US can be interpreted. Its one of the few arts were one can feel see and wear something that expresses the desire of the creator, and our unlimited view of this world.

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Bags are good gifts and there are many types. Shopping, man bags, messenger, purses, catch-alls, laundry, etc.
Pillows and seat covers can be done in solids and stripes to keep to a more "masculine" theme.
Area Rugs and Bath mats maybe?
I like to make everything and unfortunately make nothing sometimes because I have too many projects on the needles.

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I agree with Mario, knitting for donations is always a good way to go. I'm not quite skilled enough to sew yardage like the very talented, Bill. I feel ya. I live in South LA where the humidity is 80-100% and it's in the 90's to 100's constantly. I knit a lot of lace!

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i live in socal. i am constantly designing light men's pieces that have a masculine lace. i also design sleeveless, backless, mostly work with lace weight finger weight lighter weight yarns. also shawls in lighter more open designs

we put birds on things