First post in a while.

Hey people. Not posted anything in a long time, and wanted to say hi to all my fellow knitters here in the UK and accross the pond!!
I have a quick question Im hoping you could advise me on. I have just finished my first flat knitted sweater and was wondering if I should block it before I put it together?? Ive only ever knitted sweaters in the round before, so have always blocked after finishing. Bearing in mind, after sewing the pieces together, I will then have to pick up and knit the neck. So maybe the neck will look slightly different??

Also, Im popping over to San Fran in a few weeks and was also wondering if there was any yarn stores you could recommend??


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...and if you're in San Francisco on a Monday Night...come join us at the Cove Cafe, Castro Street, at 6pm.

Thanks Bill. Will definately come check it out. :0)

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Usually, the instructions tell you to block each piece before you put your sweater together. And there is a good reason for this. I find that the edges won't curl much for you when blocked, and makes seaming easier. It also helps to get a good idea of the fit and shape when the pieces are blocked... they fit together better. And it helps to see if you got the front and back the same length!

You will do a final blocking when the sweater is pieced together, but it will be a simple matter to finish this way, rather than a totally unblocked piece of knitting. Make your work easier for yourself -- follow the instructions.

I find it better to block a sweater when it's completed and sewn together. The only time I blocked the pieces separately I made a slight error and found one piece slightly longer than the other. This is just my personal opinion.