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SO I wanted to make some cool purple yarns. I did not have the time that I wanted to spend dyeing. In other words this was kettle dyed on the run. I am happy with the result. I hope the person who I made this for likes any of the three. These were knit Picks sock blanks and the company was very gracious about me keeping the blanks that were made by mistake one stranded. They are refunding the money. I asked them to send me a label so that I can send it back to them, they said no. Even though I can still use the blanks, I was going to use them in a different way. The normal blanks you can knit two socks at a time, because it has two strands. It is half the length I take. Anyway thanks for stopping by!
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Beautiful color, Andy! The three of them look amazing against the garden backdrop as well. I have had good luck with Knit Picks and their return policy. I had a bad batch a couple years ago and they refunded my money and didn't ask for the damaged yarn returned.


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Mark their customer service is superb.

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I agree 100%.

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They're beautiful! Good job.

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I wish I could find an inexpensive source of sock blanks....a bulk rate or something....

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What gorgeous shades of purple. Very inspiring.

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