Recent Knitting

It has been a while since I posted any completed projects.

My "birthday cardigan" is n hiatus, that whole gauge thing got me. Amazing how quickly a quarter stitch adds up. Well I always learned best first hand.
My needles have not been idle. All the lacework shared here has impressed and inspired me. Here are a couple of my experiments.

The nightlight shield was my first attempt. Knit flat then "lashed" (whip stitched?) to the frame.

The lampshade was knit in-the-round, top-down. I used the same method of attachment.

Both are acrylic, chosen for its translucent quality.

just a word of CAUTION:
acrylic, as most synthetics, is inflammable. (remember the basic 'burn test'?) With my nightlight (7w) not much to fear. The bedside lamp is a compact fluorescent.


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Beautiful work.

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Great looking pieces. I've read about knitting shades but these are the first I've seen.

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Thanks Joe,
The nightlight could be tighter, but I am pleased with it as a 1st try.

Ravelry has some wonderful examples:

A lot or these are lampshade "covers". Knit as a tube and slid over an existing shade.


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Wow, certainly brought your work home with you, didn't you? ;-)

Great knitting to an exact shape! I am very impressed!

The width and halo of the yarn is quite are on to something. Are these lampshade frames available to us mere mortals? Must you know someone in the trade...not unlike home decorators with wholesaler cards waving at the door? The whipstitch solution is also creative.

Broadway costumers, runway show managers and designers, diva show costumers live by this stuff to hem knit fabrics quickly, invisibly and with simple hand stitches.

"Lashed" evokes all sorts of things...but I dilly-dally on the profane.

I sure hope your cardigan escapes UFO status soon!

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".you certainly brought your work home with you, didn't you?"
truth be told... I raided the scarp bin ;-)

Thanks for the praise. I only wished, I could say I got it on the 1st try, (or even the 3rd). Persistence pays off. I did get a good lesson on increases, which ones leave the smallest holes. Whip-stitched through and between each stitch covered the frame completely, no wire visible; but tedious to do.

As for frames, anyone interested, can just message me. I can get brass or nickel washer/arms in any even diameter (3 in to 20 in). Custom sizes can be ordered but will take longer. Cost? (most likely) >$5. /set, (shipping will probably cost more than the wire) unless custom or very large. Prefer a hardback shade? Plain styrene are also available but sizes are somewhat limited.

No UFO fears here, I know a few folks it might fit nicely. Hmm... I wonder what they ight get for X-mas

""Lashed" evokes all sorts of things...but I dilly-dally on the profane."

Oops is my masochistic side showing?

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I need a new lampshade in my bedroom. I was just looking it over today and it's in pretty bad shape. I may have to attempt something like this.

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