Just a 'Hello' and a few completed projects

Hey guys

Just wanted to introduce myself and show some completed projects. I mainly knit prayer shawls for a group at church, but my Partner has me knitting scarves for his nieces and the occasional hat for himself. :) The Entrelac shawl was one of a pair that I knitted for some friends who are adopting two little girls from China, I also knitted matching teddy bears to go with them.

I'm currently working on a new prayer blanket in Indian Cross Stitch http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-indian-cross-stitch/

Anyway...say hello :)


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Welcome to the group, Peter. Your projects are delightful and I think it grand that you are carrying on a tradition in honor of your Mom with the prayer shawls. I hope you enjoy yourself here and also encourage you to join Ravelry...there is a forum for this group and just about any other group of knitters you think you belong amongst. Take care -Joe

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Welcome, Peter!
...can't wait to see the cross stitch prayer blanket...that's a fascinating stitch!

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Hi Peter and welcome! Your knitting projects are great. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. And thanks for the introduction to the Indian Cross Stitch. What a beautiful and complex look it gives.

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Thanks for the welcome guys....I will post the Indian Cross Stitch when I'm finished. It's an interesting stitch as just when I think I'm getting bored I have to do the complex crossing row. It has enough complexity to keep me interested without making me count every single row and change pattern every time. I did start this incredibly complex cable hat but I ended throwing it across the room in disgust....

...I will unravel and go back to it when I'm in a calmer state of mind and not watching Star Trek at the same time as knitting :)

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Great projects, Peter. I especially like the teddy bear. Welcome.

You have some really nice work there Peter. I especially like the entrelac blanket. Lie the others I, too, look forward to seeing the Indian stitch shawl.

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Hi Peter and welcome!
The projects you shared are terrific! You mentioned the Indian Cross Stitch is a beautiful design. I really like it. I hadn't heard of it before. I watched Johnny Vasquez at New Stitch A Day do it and it seems like it would be a fun pattern to try. I am anxious to see how yours knits up.


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Hello Peter, and thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us. Welcome!

Your sustaining a faith community with your hand knitwear is humbling...I know it must bring great comfort to those in need of spiritual uplift and support. You are doing God's Work.

As to the dreaded toss of work in disgust...use the backboard to get the offensive thing where it belongs! So satisfying to see smug refusal to obey punished with isolation. But not for too long.

I know the Star Trek influence, too...save yourself! Put the yarn down and walk away!

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welcome to the group

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Hi and Welcome,

Glad you found us. I too find knitting to be an obsession.
Only 6 months? I never would have guessed. Your work is impressive. The bear is adorable.


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Welcome! I have knitted the same teddy bears and they are much loved by all who receive them. Good work. Hi from the New Zealand winter---we think it is cold in winter where I live but so far we have only had two minor frosts and still manage to grow subtropical plants outside.

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Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words guys!!! :)

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Nice work! I love the teddy bear, it's adorable.

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