Mock Cable Rib Stitch Prayer Shawl

Greetings! I just finished a bulky prayer shawl for my church and thought I'd post some pictures and a link to a free download in case any other men are like-minded. The fabric has a nice drape and I love the texture.


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Great work. Always nice to meet a fellow Prayer Shawl Knitter :)

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Very nice design...I like the fact that it is reversible.

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beautiful, those eyelets really catch my eye.

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Lou...Your work is always delightful to see. You always put such a lot of detailed stitches in your work. Lovely!

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Beautiful work. Someone is going to be happy with that.

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That's nice Louis!

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Yet another fantastic design - I can't wait to cast this one on! Thanks for your generosity in sharing! As always my best, Cor.