"Helius" a wool hat

Collage Helius 1A
This is a Tapestry Crochet hat, another pattern that I published today. Thanks for stopping by!
Collage Helius 1A


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very good looking hat, Andy.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

tgdoralpino's picture

very nice! Do you know Carol Ventura´s work about tapestry crochet???


Crafty Andy's picture

Hey there. Yes I do and she knows about me. I have been featured on her website as well. She is A Tapestry Crochet Master and Goddess!

SAPBrown's picture

Another fine hat.
How do you find time to wear them all?

Great color-work.


p.s. A coworker (she is also my mother's, husband's, brother's child) just had her 1st baby (a boy) Monday. Can you recommend a knit hat pattern for a newborn? Preferably free, I am frugal (feel free to substitute "cheap") Otherwise, I might take the challenge and design one myself.

Thanks again,

Crafty Andy's picture

Hey Stephen: Your best bet for a free baby hat pattern is on Ravelry. There are plenty of pattern to choose from for pay and free!

I am a hat and scarf designer, whatever I am not able to wear, I sell or donate! Is a win-win situation ;-)


SAPBrown's picture

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll try creating my own pattern, for that "personal" touch.

I too, donate a couple of hats each year to the local "coats for kids" charity. Unfortunately, it gets frustrating when I see one of my gifts, riding around in $50k car.